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Domestic Violence Policy


Domestic violence affects everyone, and workplaces can and do make a difference in contributing to the safety and well-being of employees experiencing domestic violence and their co-workers. Creating and having a domestic violence policy is one way an employer can create a supportive and safe work environment. Clear guidelines/policy helps employers respond appropriately to the impacts of domestic violence in the workplace.


We encourage you to consider your unique structures and develop policies and procedures that suit your organization based on guidelines and legal advice.

Please consider the following to customize your policy:

  • Is your business or organization federally regulated?
  • Is your business or organization unionized, or do union representatives represent employees?
  • Identify the designated position, department, or team to whom employees will report domestic violence concerns:
    • Position
    • Department
    • Violence Response Team
    • Health and safety committee
    • Health and safety representative
    • Other union representatives. Please specify the role or speciality (i.e. women’s/domestic violence/ advocate/social steward)
  • Will your health and safety committee play a role in addressing situations of domestic violence?
  • Does your workplace have security staff?
    • Security staff phone number
  • Employment Assistance Program (EAP) provider

Sample domestic violence policies templates based on some industries.