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2.2 Business Marketing
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Marketing your business is about the ways and means of letting potential customers know about your business. The scale and scope of marketing depend upon the business size.

Which of the following reasons for marketing are true for you:

  • To let my customers know about the name, location, product or service, price, and exceptional features of my business
  • To invite customers to visit my place of business
  • To develop an interest in my business
  • To please my customers

There are different ways to get your business known. These are called marketing channels.   The tables below describe the common channels. I will choose marketing channels for my business and record notes about my business needs.

Social Media and Website

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • What's App
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Website, etc.
  • Most social media site are free
  • Canadians like to buy online
  • Youth like social media
  • Using social media does not require high computer skills
  • Websites provide information to all potential customers
  • Requires regular updates
  • Must have most updated information

Business Signboards

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • Shop billboards
  • Roadside board
  • Display Advertisement
  • Attract walk-in customers
  • Provides identity to the business
  • Wrong placement can confuse customers
  • Permits from the City of Calgary are needed
  • There is a regular fee, which is approximately $100 - $1,500 per month
  • Keep the signboard designs simple and readable

Flyers, Business Cards

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • Flyers and business cards at the business for customers to take for free
  • Flyers and business cards for door-to-door distribution
  • Customers like to have something to read
  • The message goes directly to the customer
  • Dedicated time or cost is required for distribution
  • Competitors may have already been using this way of marketing
  • Customers may not pay attention to the information
  • Approximate cost of 500 business cards is $20, for 100 flyers, the cost is approximately $30

Radio Advertisements

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • There are about 28 different radio stations in Calgary
  • Radio listeners are attentive and retain information
  • In Calgary, the cost of making one radio advertisement is between $300 - $1,000
  • The monthly airtime cost of radio advertisement is between $1,200 - $10,000

Newspaper Advertisements

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • There are 9 major newspapers publishing daily, weekly, and monthly in Calgary
  • Readers are mostly middle-aged to elderly
  • People read newspapers in the morning when they are active and alert
  • In Calgary, the printing cost of a newspaper advertisement is from $1,000 - $6,000 for one day

Word-of-Mouth, Networks, Events and Trade Shows

ExamplesAdvantagesImportant Points
  • Happy customers tell others about a good product or service. Good customer service can become good marketing
  • The City of Calgary and private companies organize trade shows and events. See Links to Important Websites section
  • Business owners network within their own communities or at conferences and events
  • Strong social networks are important to build your business through word of mouth
  • Trade shows help you understand the industry for which your product or business is related
  • Participate in trade shows and events where new customers can be found

Other Ways to Market

  • Always keep the quality of your product or service higher than your competition
  • Run the business from a place people can easily find and enter
  • Decide whether to give gifts, samples or discounts such as buy one get one free offers or free shopping bags

My ways of marketing