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2.3 Business Communications
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When any business person shares information with employees, customers, the government, or any other person, the exchange of information is called business communication.

The simpler I keep my communication; the better people will understand my business.

Type of Business CommunicationUsePoints to ConsiderExamples

Business name (must have)

  • Identifies the business
  • Positions the business when compared with competitors
  • Keep it simple
  • Easy reading
  • No duplication
  • Easy to remember
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • Amazon
Type of Business CommunicationUsePoints to ConsiderExamples

Website URL (good to have)

  • For external communication
  • For customers to find you
  • For online business
  • Keep it simple
  • Have enough information for anyone visiting your website

Type of Business CommunicationUsePoints to ConsiderExamples

Office stationery (good to have)

  • For external communication
  • For brand visibility
  • For marketing
  • Keep it simple
  • Do not overprint the stationary
  • Always finalize your stationary after registration of your business
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Logo color and design
  • Official font
  • Official colours

Business Communication-Writing Emails

  1. Canada has a strict law about email use. The law is called CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law). This law applies to email and text.
  2. When I email I will keep my emails short.
  3. I will prepare templates for my signature, reply emails, marketing emails, and introductory email. For sample emails and formal letters visit
  4. My email address is very important, as it is the first thing that a person sees when they open their inbox. My email address must match the company name. This shows an email’s source such as, ABC director
  5. My subject line is very important as it causes the reader to decide to open the email or not. I can offer my customers a deal but if I have a poorly written subject line, my customers will not get far enough to read about the deal. Subject lines should be clear and should let customers know what you have to offer them. Examples of subject lines: Best Buy: Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card; Training: How to work smarter, not harder. Tips for good subject lines:
    • Keep it short, 40-50 characters
    • Avoid overuse of punctuation ( i.e. !!!) or symbols
    • Do not write in capital letters
  6. Avoid repeating your email address such as an email from ABC
    The content, which is the main part of my email will be clear and written in simple sentences. I will not write more than two to three paragraphs and my paragraphs will just inform the reader about 1 idea. I will try to make sure I provide information that my readers would like to know. I will always try to draft emails that are error-free.
  7. My email must clarify what action I am expecting from my email readers. Do I want a reply or do I want them to buy my product or service or perhaps subscribe to my newsletter

Tips for good calls to action:

  • Keep it short, not more than five words. A good call to action is two words such as - Buy Now
  • Avoid using difficult words, use simple language
  • Use active language such as Try Our New Service Today
  • Use a timeframe such as - Two Day Sale

General Business Communication Tips

  • Always open and close your business at the set times of your business
  • Be polite to your employees, customers, and suppliers
  • Use polite and professional language
  • Respond to emails and business questions within 48 hours
  • Always be on time for meeting
  • Keep your workplace clean and tidy

Writing for Face to Face Contact Business Communication

I will write down what I want to say to potential customers when I introduce my product or service. This is sometimes called an elevator pitch. Introducing my business during an elevator ride means I will need to be clear and quick. I will teach the staff and my family to use the same language to build word-of-mouth networks. Tips for a good elevator pitch:

  • Listen to elevator pitches on YouTube
  • Identify your goal. Start by thinking about the reason for speaking. Write your goal in different ways and find a short way to communicate it.
  • Explain what you do. Describing what your product or service is and why it is good or helpful
  • The opening should create interest for the listener
  • Keep it short, around 5-7 sentences

General Business Communication Tips

Follow the 7 C principle for the communications

1. Be Complete

A complete message is one that covers all the needed information. For example, a message about a sale is complete when it says where the sale is, date, time and duration of the sale and how to access the sale items and the discounts.

2. Be Concrete

Concrete business communication is about clear messages. Clear messages are an important part of good customer service, such as a no return or exchange policy on sale items. 

3. Be Courteous

Communicate with others in a friendly and courteous manner. For example, apologize for the limited supply of product. 

4. Be Correct

Try to write short sentences to avoid grammar mistakes. Correct use of language is important to customers. 

5. Be Clear

Clear or plain language requires the use of short sentences and specific words. 

6. Be Considerate

Consider your audience. One message can be communicated differently to different types of people. In order to communicate well, it is important to connect with the target group. By keeping the listener or reader in mind, the message can be geared to them. Consider your audience’s professional knowledge, level of education, age and interests.

7. Be Concise

Keep the message simple and short, for example “50% Off on selected items at XX from 23rd July to 31st July 2019”.